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Wine & Vineyard Tours

If you are interested in wine then a wine and vineyard tour can be an interesting and social way to spend your holidays. We offer wine tours in two locations at the moment; France and Turkey (more countries on the way!)

Turkish Wine Tour

Wine has been produced in Turkey for many hundreds of years and there is a fascinating ‘Wine Road’ in the western region of Thrace for which we have created a one day tour experience. As a relatively short tour, it is something which could easily compliment a longer holiday in Turkey or a city break in Istanbul.

Starting in the famous historical town of Çanakkale (Gallipoli) we travel along the European coast of the Marmara Sea stopping twice for a vineyard tour and then a second tour/lunch.

At both vineyards we taste some of the best wines in Turkey made with both Turkish and European grape varieties and Alain will teach you how to taste wine and explain the background to the wines and winemaking processes.

After lunch we continue on to Tekirdağ (also home to famous Turkish Raki producers) and a third vineyard before settling in a local hotel for the evening.

On the second day we continue our journey inland in the direction of the ancient city of Edirne and visit 2 more vineyards during the day before spending our second night at the Arcadia vineyard hotel.

On the third day, after a good breakfast, we return to Istanbul.

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French Wine Tour

We will be launching a range of French tours in time for the 2014 harvesting. If you would like to know more contact us here or visit our partners for Rendezvous Chateau