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Wine Consultancy

Alain is able to offer consultancy services in two specific areas; Restaurant Food & Wine Harmony and Import/Export Consultancy to Winemakers.

Restaurant Food & Wine Harmony

Having the right wine list to compliment your menu (food and wine pairing) is good business. Giving your customers excellent food and wine harmony will improve their dining experience which will improve repeat bookings, word of mouth and goodwill toward your establishment. It is also good business because you and your staff have some knowledge to sell the right bottle and potentially increase the sale.

As a professional Chef Sommelier with more than 40 years experience Alain can consult with you to advise on which wines will best compliment your menu and train your staff to know, in a broad sense, what to recommend to the customer. While this is not the same as having a full time sommelier it is an effective compromise that can save on costs and improve revenue.

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Import & Export Consultancy for Winemakers

Throughout his career Alain has travelled to many different countries and enjoys an excellent network of contacts.

If you are a winemaker and would like to open up a new export market for your products Alain can assist you to find the right import partners and work to promote your wine in the restaurant community to ensure that demand is generated.

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