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Turkey is now the 5th largest vineyard in the world with just under half a million hectares of vines. It is also the 6th largest grape producer with a harvest of 4.1MT in 2014. Only 11% of this harvest is for vinification.
There are now 170 companies producing wine in Turkey concentrated in the big cities of Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. It is fair to say the wine market is still young, and relatively small, but the sector is growing with wine tourism and the evolution of consumption styles.
Imported wines are largely restricted to high level hotels, restaurants and gourmet shops. Local wines represent more than 95% of the total wine consumption in Turkey today. Sparkling wines are almost non-existent and less than 1% of the total.
The good news for wine makers in Turkey is that since 2009 wine consumption has outstripped Raki (the traditional Turkish alcohol) and grown from 46ML to 63ML while Raki consumption fell by 13% over the same period.
Source: businessfrance