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A few months ago I wrote this article about the size of the Turkish wine market. Now here is a little more information!

Domestic Wine consumption in Turkey is concentrated in the big cities. Imported wines are largely restricted to high level hotels, restaurants and gourmet shops. Local wines represent more than 95% of the total wine consumption in Turkey today. In 2014 the total consumption was 63.4ML.

Wine imports have been increasing for the last 5 years from 1ML to 2.7ML. This is balanced by almost exactly the same volume of Turkish wine being exported (2.8ML) although export numbers have been falling in recent years.

29% of the imported wine in Turkey comes from Italy, followed by 627000L from France (23%). Although France is the largest supplier in terms of value. 67% of the imported French wine is are made from fresh grapes and 18% is sparkling wine.

Turkish wine makers are finding their market as boutique and niche market brands and they can expect continued growth in the coming years as they become more mature.

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