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Well the tour is over now but we are already working on the next one; I have decided to take you on the “Thrace vineyards route” again in a different approach.

Our goal is to discover different vineyards, winemakers and various wines while enjoying and increasing our knowledge of wine.

At lunch we will look for a place to stop by; it maybe a vineyard or just a new place that we will discover together or maybe a picknik, why not?

If you are excited about the idea please let me know…

Vino Dessera: A special selection

But let me tell you about the experience we all had last sunday. We met in Istanbul at different points to make people comfortable. We started at nine o’clock, not too early, as Sunday is a resting day for most people. We drove two hours before getting to our first stop which was “Vino Dessera” in Kırklareli region. The road was good and it was an easy driving.

I also discovered this brand with everybody else. Doğan Dönmez and his parents, owner of the vineyards, were there to meet us.

They shows  us the property wich include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Öküzgözü and Kalecik .

Breakfast at Vino DesseraThen we started with a wonderful breakfast under the shadow. Garden tomatoes, olives, cheese from the village of Kırklareli, different vegetables were filling up the table on a white table cloth.

Tea was served while Doğan’s mother Yetkin and Saniye Dönmez were telling us the family story of how they started their own business, by planting walnuts trees in Ahmetçe village and then started the vineyards regarding the past of the region.

Dessera Kondi is the old name of Kırklareli meaning 40 churches. In that time, exporting wine and grapes was a very important business.

Vino Dessera has been established on the skirt of the Strandja Massif. The terroir allows for vines with intense aromas. High temperatures during daytime cause the sugar level to rise and low temperatures at night help the grapes to develop deeper flavors.

We visited the cave and the cellar where they make and keep their wine. They also started to plant the indigenous Narince to be able to propose a local white in the a near future.

Back from the cellar we started to make a very professional tasting, starting with Öküzgözü, Boğazkere, then Cabernet Sauvignon, following with “Arra Saranta” a blend made with Boğazkere-Öküz and Merlot.

Vino Dessera WinesWe finished the tasting with a Merlot 12 month oak barrel, a full body wine and a good potential in order to keep it a few years.

Vino Dessera RoseTo refresh our palate then we drank a dry and fruity rose blush. I recommand  to anyone personnaly made out of Kalecik and Cabernet.

Before leaving “Cherries on the cake “ we have the privilege to taste Shiraz coming out of the tank; fermentation just finished, purple color, fruity and sweet, a must, we just did not want to leave.

I do recommand everybody to visit this vineyard for the kindness of the owners and staff, the quality of their wine and the price, 20TL a bottle, you can’t  just miss.

On the road again!

Arcadia Vineyards

Going to Arcadia vineyards for our early dinner 20 mn driving…

Zeynep Arca Salliel was waiting us with one of her best rose wine Finess made out of Cabernet Franc.

The domaine is huge, 200 hectares of land recovered by no less than ten different type of grapes. The soil is mainly sedimentary, of alluvial origin and would once have been a sea floor. It is predominantlysilty clay with sandstone and granite substrates. To reestablish the organic life and balance in the soil, a rehabilitation project has been conducted for two years prior to planting.

We started tasting with Finess Sauvignon Blanc and Narince, well balanced in between two Narince is just present to break little bite the acidity on the finish, a pleasant wine.

Arkadia Sauvignon Blanc Narince Tasting

Sauvignon Blanc Narince Tasting

The second wine was a red, Finess kırmızı blend with Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot.

Back under the Rotonde we started our meal with a White Arcadia Gris served with home made meze & following with a red blend A Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, the right wine to match the very tender “slow cooking” lamb we had for  the main course.

Demi sec late harvest botrytis served with desert and coffee. But time goes so fast when you are in a good company.

We took the road back to İstanbul and on the way we made a “Lottery” with wine from the vineyards to finish the day!  Unfortunatly I did not win.. It will be my turn next time maybe…

For tour photos, please visit Alain Würsching’s Wine World Facebook Page.