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Syrah, Petite Sirah or Shiraz…three different names for the same wine! Even the kind…masculine or feminine…Le Syrah or La Syrah can be different! Well what a consecration, this is the minimum that we can say about one huge grape loved by everyone around the world.

After years of research they finally announce that Syrah was not coming from Syria or China, not even Turkey (sorry guys), but simply where this grape produced its best, the Rhône valley in France… “Kokoriko!”

It gives a wine with tanin, black pepper spices, purple colour and can be kept for years for bonification.

We find it in Australia, in California, in South Africa, in Washington state, in Chile, many other places in the world and for some years in our country, Turkey.

Especially from the Karnas Vineyard where Syrah is giving its best….the 2014 I have tasted is dark purple, like eating a big bunch of red, sweet, dark fruits; very juicy like cherries and blackberries, wild herbs, full body with a very long finish.

I drank it at 14 degrees but still I advise to serve it around 15/16 degrees especially during hot summer.

I know it is going to be hard but keep a few bottles on the side for your old days…