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Corporate Events

Having a wine tasting theme is a unique and interesting idea for your corporate events. It offers a good combination of socialising and entertaining, while learning something new at the same time.

Whether you are entertaining customers or suppliers, rewarding and motivating employees or making your conferences, seminars and team meetings more interesting wine tasting with Alain will be a fun experience. We have a range of event packages to choose from:

Package 1: How to Taste Wine

This event package will teach the participants the skills and techniques to taste and identify different wines in a social and fun environment. Alain will combine tasting a number of different wines with teaching through an interactive presentation about wine and serving complimentary foods.

Package 2: Turkish Wine

Turkey has some excellent winemakers and is generally under appreciated in the wine market. Alain will present about the different Turkish grape varieties while serving some of their best examples and discussing them with the participants in a relaxed and social setting. Alain also explains how to match food and wine in a harmonious way for maximum enjoyment.

Package 3: Summer Rosé Wines

Rosé wine is great for the warmer weather and long summer evenings, but it is often ignored. In this package Alain explains all about Rose wine, how it is made, how to choose a good wine and what to eat with it. The participants will enjoy tasting some of the best examples of Rose wine and complimentary foods while discussing with and learning from Alain.

Package 4: Champagne

The famous Champagne! This is our premium package where Alain will explain what Champagne is, how it is made and how to taste and choose the best Champagne. As with all our packages, some great examples of Champagne will be served with complimentary foods. Alain will also explain the differences with other sparkling wine varieties.

Pricing is very competitive but is dependent on location, numbers and wines selected for tasting. Get in touch today to discuss your event requirements and to get a detailed quotation.

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