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Harvest Delight with Alain Würsching, French Wine Consultant and Chef Sommelier

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Harvest delight, walking at pathways of the vineyards and fresh air of Istiranca is waiting for you…

  • 20h of September Saturday 2014

After our first tour to Thrace Vineyard route on 7th of September, which we includes Vino Dessera & Arcadia Vineyards, we have decided to organize a new tour with a new vineyard.

Chamlija Vineyardslocated at Büyükkarıştıran

Chamlija VineyardsThe Camlica family has been farming in Buyukkaristiran, Luleburgaz since 1936. The first generation of the family immigrated from Kubadin, Razgrad, in northeastern Bulgaria. Kubadin was renamed Loznitsa in the 1930s. The new name means “Vineyard Place” in Bulgarian, referring to the fact that this was the first place where American rootstocks were grown first time in the country.

Arcadia, between Luleburgaz and Istiranca Mountains, that is on the Historical Wine Road

Named after Arcadiapolis, the ancient name of Luleburgaz in the Eastern Roman period, Arcadia Vineyards is the pioneering establishment in the resurrection of this ancient terroir, planted in the 2000’s.

It is located between Luleburgaz and Strandja mountains, where once the Ancient Wine Route has passed.


08.30   Meeting at Beylerbeyi Taxi Stop

09.15      Meeting at AKM Taksim

11.00 – 14.30    Chamlija Vineyards

  • Breakfast
  • Vineyard tour
  • Wine tasting at the Strandja Summit
Arcadia Tasting Zeynep Arca

Zeynep is serving 2011 Sauvignon Blanc Narince

15.30  – 18.00    Arcadia Vineyards

  • Between Luleburgaz and Istiranca Mountains, on the Historical Wine Road
  • Wine tasting in the cellar
  • Vineyard Visit
  • Winery visit
  • Food and Wine Pairing

18.00    Return

20.00    Arrival to Istanbul

Return journey time is planned 1,5 hour or 2 hours, depending on the traffic.

Food & Wine Pairing

Food & Wine Pairing

The new tour will include the visit of two best well known boutique vineyards, first Chamlija vineyards for the first tasting and visit to well known vineyards around the area then we will be going to Arcadia vineyards where we are waited to visit the vineyards, make a first tasting wine in the cellar and later have a special lunch including;

  • How to prepare wine before serving
  • How to serve wine
  • How to keep them in your home

You may ask any questions that you always wanted about wine and take notes.

Then we will have food according with other  wines and explanations.

After the lunch everybody may have a rest, take pictures before going back to İstanbul.

[notice]If you would like to spare your one day with this pleasent tasting and expedition tour, please contact [email protected] for further information.

Participation fee is 195TL. To confirm your participation please send your payment to Alain Würsching.

Alain Würsching, Garanti bank,
Gayrettepe (236) 6673238

Alain Würsching 0538  570 45 87